Radio - Headsest Interface

The Radio - Headset Interface is intended to allow a pair of headsets with either balanced or unbalanced microphone circuits and headphones both of common impedances to interface into along with computer audio from a Tiger Tronics SignaLink USB (for digital operating or voice keyer operation) into the acc port of common amateur radio gear. The headsets shall also act as an intercom with each other when the radio is not keyed by the operator, intercom function shall work while the voice keyer function is actively keying the radio. There shall be a select button that will select which headset's audio will go over the air when the operator actuates the PTT circuit (user provided hand or foot switch). When the user keys the radio with the PTT circuit while voice keyer is operating, the selected operator headset audio shall over ride the voice keyer audio, for example for the operator to respond to a station that came back to a CQ call right as the voice keyer started CQing again. There shall also be a pass through port of all ACC port signal lines to allow other equipment to connect to the radio's ACC port as well. This particular prototype is designed for the Xiegu G90 SDR HF Radio, the ACC port included ALC and band data to be passed through for operation of an external power amplifier.